VA Loans

VA Loan
When you serve or have served in the military you may have a huge advantage when it comes to purchasing a home. You may be eligible for the VA loan. The Veterans Administration created this loan to make it easier for veterans and active duty military personnel to be able to purchase a home. I have helped many veterans and active duty military in Florida and Georiga use a VA loan to purchase a home and I am here to help you now.

What makes the VA loan such an attractive home loan option is that it requires no down payment. You will not find any other loan program that you can purchase a home for no money down. Down payments, for many people, can be the biggest hurdle to owning a home.

If you are a first time home buyer, the VA loan could easily help you stop paying rent. Instead of your money going to your landlord it will go back into your home and help you build up equity.

The other part that makes the VA loan so attractive is that the financial requirements to qualify are more lenient than most other home loan products. So much so that many people who can qualify for a VA loan might not be able to qualify for a conventional loan or other loan programs.

VA interest rates are some of the lowest of any loan program. Interest rates control how much you pay each month on your mortgage payments. So the lower your rates the less you will end up paying.

On top of that since the VA backs the loan, there is no need for mortgage insurance. When you combine all of these positive factors it is tough to find a reason why not to own a home with a VA loan, if you are an eligible veteran.

The biggest requirement of a VA loan is first meeting the service requirements set by the Department of Veteran Affairs. I can help you determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Common VA Loans Questions:

Can anyone get a VA Loan?
No, Only eligible veterans can qualify

Can VA loans be assumed?
Yes, only by another eligible veteran.

What is the down payment requirement for a VA loan?
Veterans are not required to use a down payment for a VA loan.

Do VA loans have mortgage insurance?
No, it has an upfront funding fee that can be financed into the loan.

Can I purchase a manufactured home with a VA loan program?
Yes, manufactured home quality for VA loans.

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